Since a very young age, I followed my father’s foot steps and fell in love with the sea and what lays beneath its surface. Being born by the sea, my family and I spent many weekends on the beach, snorkelling around the local reefs. When I turned 17, I was already certified to scuba dive and on my 18th birthday received the most amazing present from my father, a Nikonos underwater camera.

Since 1994, I travelled around the world documenting anything I’ve seen underwater. From breathtaking wildlife including whales, sharks, crocs, seals and seahorses, to deep and shallow wrecks of anything imaginable, to wild and unique underwater landscapes.

With the years gone by, I developed my photography techniques in some of the most extreme diving conditions on this planet and developed my main focus on wide angle photography with a model diver in the background.

I fell in love with extreme diving and with such passion, visited many underwater caves around the world, dived under the ice sheaths of Greenland, the Alps, Russia and the Tirol mountains and penetrated to over 200 ship, vehicles and aircraft wrecks mourned the globe.

One of my biggest passions in recent years are underwater airplane wrecks. The sight of an aircraft abandoned underwater with sometimes untold history of many hours in the air, carrying people or fighting bloody combats is hard to describe. The impact of the water on these planes and the years spent underwater with colourful corals, sponges and schools of fish, often create a unique and surreal scenery.

My bucket list is very long and includes diving around most of the countries around the world. One thing Ive learnt throughout the years, that anywhere you have a body of water, let it be a lake, river spring or the ocean, there is always something interesting to see under the water.

Today i photograph using several cameras and housing with the main one being a Nikon D850, a Nautical housing and Sea&Sea and Ikelite strobes.

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